Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Brands that need more ♥ Introducing Te amo

Greetings xx These posts are about smaller brands that I like, particularly those that are usually sold by larger clothing brands.
One brand that I love it "Te Amo." Apart from that awful Rihanna song, Te Amo says that they are all about glitzy glamorous clothes, mainly known for their dresses, but many of their pieces are simplistic and affordable for a day out. The main stockists that  I could find online is Nelly.Com and New Look but like brands Yumi, you can find the odd peice here and there

Te Amo Red Heart Cut Out Skater Dress
New Look Sale

Lace Open Back Dress 
Item no.: 601181-0012
Colour: Beige
£9.95 75% off Normal price £39.95
Jewel Bustier Maxi Dress
Item no.: 601184-0122
Colour: Nude
£15.95 70% off Normal price £52.95

Big Bow Dress
Item no.: 602442-0077
Colour: Mint Green/Cream


My much ♥'d piece
My first peice of Te Amo clothing was my prom dress! You can buy it at like below but I found the gold colour at K&Co.

And here are some snaps of me wearing it at prom :)

Sorry, I haven't got a picture in my prom dress by myself x
 So I hope you've discovered a new brand and have found something you like x
Peace out (is that what the hip street kids say nowadays?)
Yours Truly
Boho Bun


  1. Great dress selection now I understand why you like it doll. Beautiful prom dress.
    Have a great weekend.


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