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In true "name your blog after a hairstyle" style, here are some of the videos that have helped when I have needed some inspiration for my hair. Thanks to all of the makers of the videos and I would recommend following them if you have a you tube account.
This made me smile :)
 First is the video by "bubzbeauty" that helped me achieve my prom hairstyle. I also appreciate the groovy music in the background...smooth

It is quite hard to get the hang of, especially if like me your hair is long. And if you can't buy the Tresemme curling spray she uses, I used L'Oreal Paris Hot Curl Spray. It's also good value for money so you can practise the style a few times before your big night out.

If you have runaway curls in the morning,  I've found the style is a perfect base for a (really) messy bun for the evening (lounging around, watching TV in an oversized jumper and eating lots of chocolate!) 
Guys, check my photo editing!  Sorry, I do look a bit grumpy here xx
Next is the video by "beautydept" which will helped fulfil my new years resolution (gosh, remember that?)
I admit it, I'm a crazed doodler!
It's taught me how to fish plait and I am very thankful!! The background music is also quite relaxing...which in fact is handy as this hairstyle usually causes me lots of stress!! She does go quite fast but I just paused the video. Watching it twice also makes it seem less complicated :)
Lastly, is a hairstyle that I do when my hair doesn't want to do anything. Rather than using the curling methods that the girl in "LetsMakeitUp1" uses, I use bubzbeauty's method.
 Although the repetition of the word bohemian is unnecessary, I love the end result and how it can be done so effortlessly and appears so difficult to do.

If all else fails and I can't do anything with my hair, adding a braid here and there in a ponytail or draping a braid across your head (like a headband) is an easy way to change the same old hairstyles. And below is my way of changing a side parted loose style into something else (a hairstyle hopefully.)

After parting the hair to one side make a braid.

Secure the braid with a bobby pin...are you liking my bony elbow wink wink?

And poof...literally, some volume and variety.

You can also use Percy & Reed styling polish to calm down flyaways...unless you like fly aways :)

I hope this inspired you and would love to hear about any hairstyles you like to do, or a video which deserves a place on this cunningly named page xx
Comment or email...I'm flexible

Yours Truly
Boho Bun

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