Monday, 6 January 2014

Fashion...What's the big idea?

Did you know that florals are to be a “trend” this season? Suspiciously, when we start to need these florals, be it through chinos, blouses and woolly jumpers (no that was last season) they start to magically appear in shop windows and piles and all sorts of variations to match each of our bodily shapes. Brilliant as this is, what if I don’t want to wear florals and in actual fact, I am quite happy with my furry light up owl print jumper?
Yes we could argue one could simply choose to shop elsewhere rather than the “main stream” high street shops. How about a lovely diverse thrift shop filled with cowboy hats and fringed skirts like the good old days? Or we could go all Sound of Music and make our own clothes from our curtains, ignoring the gaping hole at the back that we should have sewn up. Unfortunately, society can only accept one Lady Gaga, however hard we try.
But more to the point of the title, fashion wears t-shirts bearing the words “Peace & Love,” but exploits children in third world countries who have no shoes. Fashion tells women that they are beautiful whatever shape they are, but have only just started to vary the shapes of their mannequins. Fashion encourages individuality, but mass produces the same pair of shoes. Fashion tells us we can wear what we like, but praises those who wear the right things.
Is fashion our friend or a concept derived by high collared cigar smoking millionaires, happily wearing leopard print trousers and neon socks? What is your idea of fashion? Do you follow it?
Food for thought
Yours Truly
Boho Bun


  1. We have something in common do not like the floral fashion it looks great on other do not like it on myself great post.

  2. I love florals, but florals again! When will there be something new I feel like florals have been the next big trend for oil the last five years haha we need something new and innovating! :)

  3. Haha I love your sarcastic writing style, I write quite sarcastically too and am always scared people will think I'm mean haha! I really liked this post, it's so true! x

  4. Be completely right ! nice post !!
    I'm following you now.



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