Friday, 9 August 2013

Top 5: Summer Goddess Skin

Besides sun screen, here are the top 5 skin care essentials to keep you glowing.

First, I would say that a good moisturiser never goes a miss. Other brands like the infamous Palmers cocoa butter for me feel too sticky when it’s hot. So I like the Jergens natural’s collections as they feel light on the skin and are varied to suit different skin types.

Move over CC cream, let’s keep it original with his older brother Garnier BB cream. This is my essential tinted moisturiser and it is great at covering up any marks, without irritating the pores. It isn’t exactly anti-shine but there is a matt version available. One tube usually lasts me 4-5 months so it is great value for money. (It doesn’t look that attractive in the photo I have taken, but at least you can tell how much I’ve used it.)

Also, you need something to free your skin of makeup so Nivea Daily Essentials gentle cleansing lotion is soft on skin (and it smells pretty good too)

So I take it you’ve been running round the shops all day rather than lounging on the beach. Rather than dunking your face in that bucket of water, you could try Sanctuary Spa & Covent Garden’s Pore refining toner to tighten pores (yes very posh), refresh the skin and smooth the complexion. I’ve found that the 150ml bottle is long lasting…or you could return to that bucket.

Lastly, it is my favourite product of them all. I’ve had enough of all these fancy anti-blackhead-blemish-spot-miracle-pore-all in one products that claim to free me of crappy skin but in fact bugger its up even more. St Ives Apricot scrub (the one in the image is the mini travel version) is a real gritty scrub that you can feel working and the apricot fragrance is great for summer.

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