Thursday, 3 October 2013

Beauty Things I Suck At! Tag - Boho Bun' Beauty Failures

So, this is my first tag (aahh excited!) and I thank
 for passing me the glittery baton xx

So, I'll be taking you through a tour of "Bohobun's Beauty Failures," which is extremely self indulgent but I hope someone out there thinks jheeze, it's not just me xx
1. Not So Sleek Nails - So we all love to have nicely polished tips. Sometimes I paint my nails really nicely and then I get too carried away and try to paint a rainbow or some other image that takes a really skilled person to do. This never works. After messing up my nails and staring at the mess for half and hour, traumatised I take it off and start all over again.
2. Surprised Face Eyebrows - I had a problem over plucking so they looked like two handlebars and I looked surprised half of the time. Now I'm too scared to pluck away too much so I have to keep an eyebrow filler handy
3.  Everyday Bad Hair day - My hair doesn't like me. I think it laughs at my futile attempts to style it. My hair is naturally quite straight and sometimes it goes wavy. I've tried curling it from time to time but it ends up looking like a birds nest or like I have a corkscrew varies.
4. I ♥ Henna - I have an obsession with henna. Sometimes I get it really right but I can get impatient or I move so it smudges and my pretty design ends up looking like an unsightly birth mark. I also struggle with the tube. Although, I have discovered the sock tip so I may have to score this one off the tag x
5. Forgetting to Moisturise - So I don't have dry skin, my hands are quite soft actually. I've just had trouble in finding the perfect moisturiser for my face and am usually too tired to moisturise before I go to bed.

I'd love to know what you think and would recommend taking a look at allthingsglitterandbeauty. Thanks for reading :)
Yours Truly
Boho Bun


  1. love this post! i forget to moisturize all the time, it's so annoying!!

    1. thank you x I know, I need to create a mental reminder x

  2. Haha this was so much fun to read! I can feel your pain with 2 and 3!

  3. Ciao bella...grazie di essere passata dal mio blog..mi sono appena iscritta al tuo!!!....ti seguo!^_* carino questo tag....!!!!!!!!...simpaticissimo!!!!Ciaooooo!!!!!!!!

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  5. Hi it a little plesure to know you a little bit more. ahahah
    Have a nice week-end :)

  6. loved the post, it's good to get to know you with this kind of posts! it really is =)

  7. Amazing1

  8. Okay, I'm sure you have been following me because thats me in number 1 and 3!! I laughed so hard because that is so true ahah absolutely loved this post :)

    1. Thank you xx I'm glad to know it's not just me x


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