Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Pocahontas - Purse Friendly

Peace my gorgeous readers, let's embrace my new groovy thread.
So Halloween's coming up soon and I've been thinking about what I would dress up as. I'm fully aware of the usual thoughts we all have about having to buy something completely new for one day of the year (and for candy.) And as we all don't like to parade around in super hero outfits by day (I can't say the same for night,) I've thought of a subtle character you could dress up as.
I am extremely biased in saying that Pocahontas is the most amazing Disney character ever...but she is. I haven't gone all out with the make-up, I just lined my upper eyelid with a little black eyeliner but I think minimalism is the key x I'm sure it would be lovely to buy a Pocahontas outfit but I've just taken inspiration from her e.g. neutral colours.
Headband - Free (it's a shoelace)
Oatmeal Waterfall cardigan - £3 H&M sale rack
Peach Long line vest top - £3 H&M basics
Brown Belt - Charity Shop
Leggings - £6 Primark
Spot what's missing...Yes I've forgotten her statement blue necklace. I've found a gorgeous one from Boohoo.com for £12
I would also encourage you to go wild with henna tattoos!
I'd love to know if you liked this and what you are dressing up as for Halloween xx

Yours Truly
Boho Bun


  1. I think you look like a beautiful Pocahontas but I agree the necklace its the finish touch.

  2. Pocahontas used to be one of my favorite dirney characters too! I used to have a "Barbie Pocahontas" and her neckless used to shine in the dark. hahaha
    Beautiful look!

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. You've recreated Pocahontas look extremely well :) And indeed, necklace adds that finishing touch ;) Thanks for your visit. xx


  4. Hi, I found your blog via All Things Glitter and Beauty and wanted to stop by and say hi!

    I love that necklace - pefect for a Pocahontas outfit, or even after Halloween.


  5. Aaah, Pocahontas! She was definitely my inspiration when I was young :)! And you look gorgeous :)!


  6. Thanks again for nominating me, here's my reply :o). Xx



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