Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Yo Santa!

Haha, hello Santa, I love your boots!
I'm feeling all Christmassy after decorating the tree. As usual, I had the problem with sticking the star on the top but I succeeded (thank you higher powers for sellotape!)
Oh and hello lovely people who read my blog, I'd like to share all that I would like for Christmas with you, other than world peace that is (which I think would be quite hard to wrap.)
A Totes amazing (sorry) tote bag
Tan Colour Block Winged Tote Bag
New Look
My current rucksack, though it was great value, is breaking from the straps. And I am also quite fond of the colour tan.
Of course, I am not hinting to my loved ones or anything..muhahahahaha
What would you like for Christmas?
I'll have  a word with the big man
Yours Truly
Boho Bun


  1. You a beautiful person I want peace in the world we will all be happy. Great post doll.

  2. Of course you're not hinting muahahah! I want a similar bag to that but in Burgundy :)


  3. Beautiful classic bag! Xx


  4. Woah, this is a gorgeous bag! Classy but not too chic (which I think doesn't suit me). So perfect!
    I want new running shoes for Christmas, actually I would like to have a whole new running outfit, because now I'm running in old clothes with holes, haha.

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

    1. Yay running shoes, that's a great gift as it's something you will use x

  5. Great blog
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  6. OMG! I NEED a new bag too! Really! My bags are too old. I got a great one as a birthday present from my boyfriend, but I don't have lots of different ones, so I end up wearing it all the time. hahahaha
    Ok, I must admit that I'm also addicted to it, still... haha
    Have a wonderful day! <3


    1. Thank you Hemylle x Yes, I have a couple that I alternate! But I need something strong and weatherproof grrr


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